Zachary Nathaniel

Exploring Our Innate Pathways of Healing


Welcome to Blueprint Therapy. With therapeutic touch and centered presence, we work together to explore new pathways of listening and healing. We will work with different modalities that tone the nervous system and support your healing. Whether you are calling in more calm in your life, needing support with migraines or insomnia, healing chronic pain, injuries or If you need help managing illness or processing trauma, We'll create a safe and connected space for you to unwind any stuck patterning and explore your innate health and vibrancy.


- Zach


Different modalities include structural-integration, neurally-informed massage, somatic craniosacral, brainwave entrainment and Vibro-acoustic (VAT) sound healing and other applied neuroscience and somatic modalities.

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Somatic Craniosacral 

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Structural Integration Massage

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Neural Massage

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Nervous System Regulation

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Brain-Wave Entrainment

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Heart Centered

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Sessions can help with: 





Nervous System Toning

Physical Pains and Aches

Sleep, Insomnia, Restlessness

Injury Rehab

Structural Body Patterns

Energetic Clearing

Ease in Movement

Embodiment & Somatic Awareness

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What People Say

Zach's professionalism, attentiveness, and the care and compassion that goes into his work is incredible. I started noticing the changes in my body after only a couple of sessions and I'm very pleased with working with him. I highly recommend him!

Hannah L


Vibroacoustic Therapy


Vibro-acoustic therapy (VAT) is a powerful sound healing tool to aid in deep relaxation and healing while toning the nervous system. Brainwaves include Infra-Low, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Especially effective for Stress and Anxiety, Insomnia, Chronic Migraine, Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia.

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Forget all of your ideas about the body -
it's this way and it's that way.
And just be with any area of it,
this present body
as permeated with limitless space.
Drenched in freedom.


Radiance Sutras 23