About Blueprint

I am passionate about connection and belonging, human physiology, and our lifelong pursuits of aliveness and deep purpose. I am fascinated by our human bodies and all that they do for us. Working with the body is so much more than fascia and muscles. I trust deeply in our body's intelligence. I am not a healer, fixer, doctor, or whatever you call it. I'm here to create opportunities for listening. I'm here to support you in your own healing so that you can go after what you want most, what your heart longs for, and what your body needs.  


I work slowly, safely, closely tending the relationship with your nervous system. I am trained in different somatic psychotherapy approaches and offer sturdy space for any potential trauma. All of you is wanted and welcome in my office. Together, we can work with a number of different modalities from deep structural integration bodywork to more subtle breath-focused work and energy practices. Let’s work together to find what’s truly reparative and healing for you. Thank you for your interest and please reach out with any questions. 

About Me

My name is Zach. I am deeply passionate about our potential as humans to heal and pursue what makes us feel most loved and alive. For me, that’s sharing time with friends over backpacking weekends or making delicious food to share. I am passionate about my yoga and meditation practice and I also love to dance! I have a sustained interest in food and enjoyed most of my working career in kitchens and on farms. I am a plant collector and cherish my time in the garden. I consider myself a life-long learner and feel committed to growing my knowledge as a practitioner and student in somatic awareness, neurobiology, human connection, bodywork and different psychotherapy modalities.