Zach has a very special and unique way of engaging with anyone, especially his patients. His ability to manifest trust, kindness, and empathy into both his conversation and practice allows the patient to lean into vulnerability in a healthy and non-judgmental environment in order to deepen their connection to the self. Zach’s level of consideration for his patients reaches further than any other type of therapy I’ve received in the past. After my session with Zach, I felt more in tune with my body and my heart, desiring peace.


Olivia C.

Zach's professionalism, attentiveness, and the care and compassion that goes into his work is incredible. I started noticing the changes in my body after only a couple of sessions and I'm very pleased with working with him. I highly recommend him!


Hannah L

Zach is such a wonderful body worker and he uses so many different modalities! I would recommend him, 100%. Before each session, he cares so much about connecting in conversation together, so he has an idea of what methodology would be most effective. He is gentle, kind, trustworthy, and creative in his healing practices.  He is office is so clean and cozy! I am able to reach deep places of relaxation, while also feeling deep physiological relief in my body. I am a psychotherapist and I recommend my clients to Zach, so he can address their symptoms through body work as well! I feel so grateful to have Zach on my team!


Eleanor H

7 months pregnant, I was in so much pain. I had been seeing a wonderful (and helpful) physical therapist but my SI joint and coccyx were still out of alignment and just walking was extremely difficult, making my life of walking to work, teaching yoga and caring for my toddler really hard. After one very, very gentle session with Zach, everything was back to my pain-free norm. I've been in alignment for 2 weeks now from that one treatment and will be going back for more. Highly recommend!!


Amanda R

Zach is an incredible therapist. He approaches his work with great reverence and attention. He is a great listener and naturally intuitive. Each session I have had with him has made me feel held, supported, and renewed. Every session feels custom made for me at that moment. I am looking forward to my next session.


Jorge A

I have worked with many body workers, and I would hands down recommend Zach. He is thoughtful and direct and really listens to the body and what it needs. He helped me with some built up tension in my diaphragm and back. I left feeling more ease in my body and I was able to breath more deeply and comfortably after our session.


Zaidy C